Williams Design Philosophy

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William Diamond X EiIish Rickard

We’re delighted to collaborate with renowned interior designer Eilish Rickard on
a unique range of elegant chairs, handmade in Portugal.

Featuring our innovative Velvet Performance Fabric, these plush and practical chairs are perfect for both contemporary and classic Irish homes.

Introducing our exquisite Rolf and Sophie Custom Chair collection.

A unique creative collaboration between William Diamond & interior designer Eilish Rickard.

I enjoy the journey of design, as well as its final destination. I’m always excited to land in a faraway place, visit a little-known studio, and meet new craftspeople, designers and suppliers. Every stage of the process is rewarding, from the first brief to the last prototype. Over 25 years of experience has taught me that substance is as important as style when it comes to home furnishings. That’s why I choose solid carpentry, expandable variations, and family-friendly fabrics — as well as eye-catching patterns, sleek silhouettes and sophisticated styles.

My philosophy is that a Diamond design isn’t ready until it’s right, no matter how many times we have to return to the drawing board, the engineering plan, or the material selection. That a-ha moment — when the final piece arrives in all its perfection — is priceless, and worth every minute of the wait. 

The greatest reward for my hard work, though, is seeing a William Diamond design in real life, in hotels, offices, and, especially, in my customers’ houses. Through my designs, I can make your house beautiful, comfortable and unique — but only you can make it a home.