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From his early days as a young furniture retailer on Dublin’s Capel Street, William Diamond has always firmly put the customer front and centre. For more than 25 years, he has seen the Irish consumer continuously seek inspiration and expertise to help them make their home the best it can be.

On moving away from Capel Street in the mid-1990s, Diamond Furniture began to expand and grow, sourcing outstanding products from the best suppliers across Europe to sell in their five new stores across Dublin. Key partnerships followed with major home furnishings brands. Their domestic and international reputation grew from strength to strength while retaining complete focus on their customer needs and how they can supply it. 

In recent years when the recession hit, the sector was hit hard, and it was at this point that the customer mindset would truly reap the rewards. William saw this as an opportunity to reset the business by closing the new stores and create a customer-driven centre of excellence on the Long Mile Road. Surrounded by experienced and key personnel who have been part of his team for decades, they worked together, pooling resources to inspire and excite customers.

And that is why today, when you walk into the Diamond Furniture showroom, you’ll engage and be advised by interiors specialists determined to help you make the best choices for your home.

When you visit the store or the website, you will notice two main product categories throughout the store, CUSTOM & WILL and CO.


CUSTOM is a collection of beds, dining and sofas that can be customised in hundreds of colours, sizes and finishes. Some of the products have been designed by William Diamond in partnership with some of the best furniture suppliers in Europe, Scandinavia, and around the world. A piece of furniture from the CUSTOM collection will need to be specially manufactured and will take a little time from ordering to delivery. 

When a customer selects a piece of furniture from our CUSTOM collection, we can help them make that piece of furniture unique for them and even more suited to their home - making their home everything it can be!

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WILL and CO is a collection of beds, dining and sofas that have been designed exclusively for Diamond Furniture by William Diamond. WILL and CO will team up with interior designers and other furniture designers to create exciting and affordable furniture pieces from season to season.

With WILL and CO, we aim to offer an affordable solution to quality designer furniture with little or no waiting time.

So whether you are a first-time buyer selecting furniture on a tighter budget or blowing the budget on your forever home, WILL and CO will suit the most discerning furniture buyer.

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I enjoy the journey of design, as well as its final destination. I’m always excited to land in a faraway place, visit a little-known studio, and meet new craftspeople, designers and suppliers. Every stage of the process is rewarding, from the first brief to the last prototype. Over 25 years of experience has taught me that substance is as important as style when it comes to home furnishings. That’s why I choose solid carpentry, expandable variations, and family-friendly fabrics — as well as eye-catching patterns, sleek silhouettes and sophisticated styles.

My philosophy is that a Diamond design isn’t ready until it’s right, no matter how many times we have to return to the drawing board, the engineering plan, or the material selection. That a-ha moment — when the final piece arrives in all its perfection — is priceless, and worth every minute of the wait. 

The greatest reward for my hard work, though, is seeing a William Diamond design in real life, in hotels, offices, and, especially, in my customers’ houses. Through my designs, I can make your house beautiful, comfortable and unique — but only you can make it a home.